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  1. That's the trouble. You assume that all users would know about these things. You don't take into consideration that users ranging from novices to experts are going to try to follow your instructions. The experts won't have a problem, but what about the novices?
  2. @Helen, I am on Linux Mint 17.3. And yes, I see now how I come to be missing systemctl. That said, I feel I need to point out some things: Linux Mint 17.3 is supported until 2019, so it is still current. It's not as though I am running an obsolete operating system. The article which I made mention of makes absolutely no distinction as to whether it is applicable to Linux Mint 18 or to any other version for that matter. With the above in mind, I am inclined to agree with jdrch's opinion, i.e. there are simply too many distros (and versions) to deal with in a single article.
  3. No probs jdrch. No offense, but Resilio Sync's own tutorial is flawed. I created this thread in case others get stuck following that tutorial. As for Mint, it's just the opposite for me. I am a new Linux convert and I use Mint every day.
  4. Hello everyone, I am new here. I originally joined this forum to get help. I am on Linux Mint and I was following this tutorial to install Resilio Sync... Installing Sync package on Linux Well, I am here to tell Linux Mint users not to follow that guide. First of all, the guide was not written for beginners, and secondly, it is flawed. When you reach the part to run the systemctl commands, those commands will fail every time. Why? Because there is no such thing as systemctl on your computer, or at least, that is what will happen to you if you are a Linux Mint user like me. I literally wasted hours trying to figure out was was wrong and I definitely would not want the same thing to happen to someone else. Okay, now that I have given you the bad news, here’s the good news. Just follow these YouTube videos and you’ll install Resilio Sync like a breeze... Bittorrent Sync in Linux (Part 1) Bittorrent Sync in Linux (Part 2) Bittorrent Sync in Linux (Part 3) Substitute Resilio Sync wherever the person says Bittorrent Sync and you’ll be good. The sync interface is a bit different too, but nothing too hard to figure out. I hope this helps somebody.