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  1. I'm having this problem, I see some files pdf, jpg etc say error to load on the app by default to open, I have copy on Local Machine and on the remote machine.

    And the files say the same problem cant open by default applicacion, then I open the files with Notepad++ to see the content to see different on remote and local or if is sync on progress.

    And I see a very bad surprice, files are empy, my files are a dummys, filled with nothing, on both sides local and remote.

    But I see the folder /.sync/archive and the files showed on the archive are OK.

    Then where is the problem?

    Resilio goes crazy and replace my files with dummy files.


    I'm going in a lot of problems, because I dont know when start the problem, I see more and have mixed folders with good files and bad files, but If I see on the Archive files are OK.




  2. 1 minute ago, myradon said:

    Just to be certain; do you access webpage on same machine? Default only localhost is possible. If you want to access from othe systems just change listening to (or IP of networkcard) in config.

    Yes I'm sure. The problem is Resilio crash, I start to see everything is ok, I see the folder, uploads, downloads etc and then I will dont see anything.

    I check on the task manager and resilio is running I go to services and restart Resilio.

    But Cant access to the Web UI if I dont reboot the machine and ofcourse the remote seed dont see my machine my seed crash.

  3. On 7/7/2017 at 6:21 AM, Helen said:

    Helen today I update my both sides with the same version you share.

    I start to sync folder by folder and wait.

    Maybe this version fix the error.

    Start to say 8GB to sync, but start to sync escape a lot of files are on the other side.

    I continue checking it.

  4. 31 minutes ago, mr.canada said:

    About 350,000 files

    about 3 TB of data


    I'm now in the process of creating many shared folders in Resilio, one share for each subsubfolder.  So far, it's working, but I don't know if I am heading for the same limit.

    If I share one parent folder, which contains 10 child folders, each of which contain 35,000 files, then I have already proven to myself that I trigger this problem and Resilio fails to sync the folder.

    If, instead, I share each of the child folders one at a time, 35,000 files each, will I eventually reach a limit and trigger the problem?  I don't know.  I'm doing so now.

    So far I have shared two folders, and it is currently working.  

    (this post overly simplified the situation - its not really 10 folders each with exactly 35,000 files... but you get the idea...)


    I make 8 folder and sync, but the problem continue. Not at the same old, but continue.

  5. 9 hours ago, mr.canada said:


    I think I'm seeing the exact same problem.  Im on Mac, and have tried the following, which should solve all syncing problems, but does NOT....

    -remove the shared folder from within Resilio Sync on all clients

    -delete Library - Application Support - Resilio Sync on all clients

    -Launch Resilio Sync, create a new Standard folder on one machine

    -Add key to rest of clients, "Folder Not Empty, Continue?" = yes


    Double check that I've pointed all of the clients to the exact same path (I have), expect the folders to become synchronized... cry a small tear as Resilio reports that all 1 MILLION files are queued to be sent to all clients, but none actually begin moving, and clients becomes unstable with 100% cpu usage for 24+ hours.

    Something happened with v2.5.x that created this bug.  I can't put my finger on it, but I'm sure it is a recent problem.   Is it a known issue?  what is the most recent stable version that does not have this bug, and how do I download it?

    At a complete standstill - Resilio 2.5.x unusable at the moment.


    You are right, this problem start when I update resilio and try the pro version.




  6. Hi guys, In this days my resilio lost the identity and I re-add the folder again and again.

    But I re-add and all work fine again.

    I see the option to try the pro version, and I try to link the devices, I see is a bit diferen sync folder on the link devices.

    I have many folder and sync on diferenct folder on my remote and local computer and when I sync devices find a location for all. Then I unlink the devices and  re-add the folders.


    Now I have a problem because resilio say downloading a lot of files on my folders, I dont delete the folder on the origina place and dont delete the files on the local location.

    Now I see my files on both devices, but with a lot of files on queue. The total size of the folder on queue.

    I see the time zone and is fine on both computers are the same timezone and time.

    I feel this problem when I start the trial of pro version.

  7. Hi and thank you, I have Resilio Service.

    I will make an small script.

    1.Backup Identity I want.

    2. On every reboot restore the identity (if I add new folders need to make a new backup identity).

    3. Start the Resilio Service.


    And I think if this work fine, why not make it the Resilio Developers?


    Resilio Start.

    Check the identity.

    If not exitst=>>Check if is the first time start.=>> Create One.

    If not first time.

    Find Identity lasted Backup and restore.

    Check if work fine, if not restore older backup.

    On every Add Folder just make an Identity Backup.





  8. Hi, I'm starting to love Resilio.

    But I have an small question, how can I set priorities for my syncs?

    I have 10 Folders, every folder is shared with own key.

    I have in some folders a lot of information (200GB, 100GB or 450GB).

    I have 1 folder very small (100MB) and every day at 6pm I add a new file with 3MB, no a lot, but this folder is the maximum priority.

    And sometimes sync so faster, for example I get the new file at 6:02PM that's so wolderfull. But sometimes take many hours.

    On uTorrent we have the priority level for torrents and for files under the torrent.

    I want something like that.


    How can I do this on Resilio?

  9. Hi, I'm having a problem.

    I Sync a Big folder with many sub-folders level.

    On 1 Sub-Folder I found a "Folder.Conflict", I delete the folder.conflict and again sync with the same name. I see I have a SymbolicLink with the same name, then I delete Both the Symbolic Link and the Folder.Conflict.

    Now Resilio start to Sync the new files and sub-folders inside my new folder without conflict but with old data, just sync the new data.

    And I delete all from Archive and delete from Recycle Bin.

    Any suggestions?



  10. Hi, I'm making a big upload 600GB and on the start of this work, We are using the read key.

    Now I'm on the 400GB and the boss say need two sync folders way.

    How can Change just the key for the same folder, I need now convert to Read and Write Key. But I dont the option.

    I know if I create a new shared folder with read and write password. Resilio send the old files on remote site to Archive.

    What's the better way to do this?

  11. Hi support, In my scenerio is needed the NTFS Permissions and Windows shared Folders properties synced in our machines.

    Then Maybe for Enterprise edition will add this support.

    I have some Windows Server 2012 R2 in diferent locations and need sync everything ntfs and Windows shared folders properties.


    Maybe like this other tool: