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  1. I used to on the old BTSync, but there isn't a package for Resilio for the Thecus NAS that I'm aware of. I also had a really tough time getting BTSync working on it originally anyway. So, to upgrade, I now run it on my laptop (which is relegated to sitting behind a TV being a Media Center essentially).
  2. I'll try setting the rescan metric really high and see if the index completes within a day or so. Its a good first step. But, earlier in this thread they talked about an issue with SMB specifically. From reading the thread the bug may never have been fixed...
  3. I see this is an older post, but I'm experiencing the same problem I think. Indexing on a server with local storage and 3TB of data is fine, but indexing on my laptop connected to a NAS is not. Is this still a bug with SMB and Resilio (BTsync)?
  4. @Romanz Thanks for the information! I really appreciate it! I'd love to be able to figure this out and I'm getting close. Thanks again for the assistance.
  5. Interesting, thanks for the link. That gets me a lot closer to what I'm looking to do. One follow up question, for example, if I have two sub-folders within FolderB and I want a user to have Read access to one and RW to the other this is not possible? By only sharing FolderB and FolderA?
  6. Forgive me if this is mentioned elsewhere, but I was wondering if the current version of Resilio (2.4.1) will allow me to sync folders within sync'd folders. Example: Sync Folder A: C:\share\ Sync Folder B: C:\share\FolderB\ Will this create some loop or something that will bring down the universe? (reason I'm asking about this is because I don't want to use Selective Sync because I don't want my user to "see" my whole Folder A, but just our shared stuff in Folder B)