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  1. It seems that I didn't give the right rights to edit SD card content. Now solved by editing IgnoreList with ES File manager / Text editor.
  2. How to edit a IgnoreList file on a Android phone? Via computer (phone connected by USB / MTP) it's impossible, because with MTP, hidden folders are not shown. Via phone, impossible : ES Text editor refuses to write IgnoreList (permission problem?)
  3. Hi, I created a "synced foler" on my PC. A ".sync\IgnoreList" file was automatically created. I edited it and wrote the file. I restarted Sync. Then I shared this folder on my phone. On my phone a ".sync\IgnoreList" file was automatically created. But: 1) this file is not the copy of the one on the PC, instead it's the default IgnoreList file 2) I can't edit the phone's IgnoreList because * when I open it with ES File manager / Text editor, when saving, I have "cannot write" (maybe it's a permission problem? this happens even if Sync is not running) * when I connec