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  1. Hi! Might be a stupid question, but I want to managed my RPI (which is external site) via Internet. I know how to open a port it's not that the problem. My question is: enough safe to open 8888 to Resilio Sync over Web? Thanks
  2. Just found out! All works. Found: V 2.4.1 (672) Thanks
  3. Thanks as for the package, like I sais, I do not have alor of knowledge under linux, trying to learn by searching :p. on the website I see the armhf package but i don't now how to install it. is there a wget command to get the lastest version? Thanks alot
  4. Hi! I do not have alot of knowledge under Linux but here's my question. I have a raspberry PI 2 B, running raspbian. I installed BTSync from this how to: It works fine, newer version than the one I installed before (with advanced options now yeah!). My issue is that I can only control the web gui locally, I can't get on the IP address:8888/gui to do a remote control. How to? thanks