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  1. If I understand the capabilities of the FileProvider API and how Resilio could makes of them, I can see this allowing me to mostly ditch Dropbox. For my own personal use, I have to maintain a Dropbox account because so many iOS apps depend on Dropbox sync files.
  2. Resilio had been constantly running with 105% CPU usage on my MacBook. This had been going on for nearly a week since I decided to give Resilio a try again. I had tried Resilio maybe 6 months ago on this system and ran into a similar problem, but I didn't have the time to dig into the issue. After turning on Debug Logging, I saw the log file was growing at over 50MB per minute. Examining the log file, I saw the problem was with a file with a very long file name. In fact the file name appeared to be part of the contents of the file. The file was a plain text Markdown. Apparently the file name had been accidentally created by copying and pasting contents of the file into the file name. Turning off Resilio on the MacBook and the Mac Pro, deleting the file, and restarting Resilio solved the problem. Resilio is now running at 1.5% to 2% of the CPU. Here is a line from the log showing the LONG file name, I have obfuscated some info with the string "Zaaa": [20161012 10:44:20.459] FC[3A96]: fs event for entry "/Users/Zaaaaa/Sync/Board Meetings/2012/2012-01/Zaaaaa - minutes - Board Meeting 2012-01-12 Minutes # Start Time 7-00pm # Attendence **Present** - Zaa. Zaaaaaaa Zaaaaa - Zaa. Zaaaa Zaaaa - Zaaaaaaaa Zaaa Zaaaaaa - Zaaa Zaaaaaaaa Zaaa Zaaaaaa - Zaaaaaaaa Zaaaaaa Zaaaaa - Zaaa Zaaaaaaaa Zaaa Z.md" t:1351090200 s:8100 id:16777221:1066797 type:1