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  1. If I understand the capabilities of the FileProvider API and how Resilio could makes of them, I can see this allowing me to mostly ditch Dropbox. For my own personal use, I have to maintain a Dropbox account because so many iOS apps depend on Dropbox sync files.
  2. Resilio had been constantly running with 105% CPU usage on my MacBook. This had been going on for nearly a week since I decided to give Resilio a try again. I had tried Resilio maybe 6 months ago on this system and ran into a similar problem, but I didn't have the time to dig into the issue. After turning on Debug Logging, I saw the log file was growing at over 50MB per minute. Examining the log file, I saw the problem was with a file with a very long file name. In fact the file name appeared to be part of the contents of the file. The file was a plain text Markdown. Apparently the file