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  1. I tried to upload these files via Samba 20160705_201823.jpg 20160705_201842.jpg and this one via ftp 20161012_102944.jpg And these 3 files were indexed and shown in Photo Station. They all are in the same folder of course.. I can't understand where the problem are..
  2. Hello, I'm experiencing problems with Sync 2.4.1 (672) and DSM 6.0.2-8451 Update 2 I set up Sync to send photos from my android phone to synology. It works great but new photos aren't detected by Synology and aren't indexed so Photo Station don't show them.. If I manually upload photos to the same folder in synology via ftp or samba they are catched immediately an shown in Photo station. So it looks like a Sync's compatibility issue.. Regards, Dovydas