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  1. same here, Files.app under iOS11 only shows files/folders synced already. additionally in 9 out of 10 times Files.app shows the synced files/sub-dirs of the "Sync-device" for 2 seconds only and comes up with an error "content not available".
  2. I experience exactly the same behaviour as described above by the others on two Macs
  3. just by chance I am reading this literally minutes after havoing searched for the reason why one or the other machien seems to connect twice or more often in parallel.... took me about an hour checking, reading, understanding... that "you and 1 more" doesn't mean there is multiple, parallel connections or multiple owners of a file but indeed is nothing oto worry of as you explain above. Definitly I want to support the Eldrin's et.al. opinion to change the current messaging/wording. I'd go so for to recommend not to reflect these "multiple" instances (which are neither connections n