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  1. watch yourself: they'll tell you that you're doing it wrong.
  2. Quantity should not be an issue. Is there a guideline for when this could become an issue? Again, allowing the user to cap the amount of RAM used or processes created would still perform better. By the way, I'm syncing around 10k files. This is a cute idea but defeats my purpose: I use Resilio (at least I used it up to now) to distribute versions of my photos in different locations. I keep very few photos on my laptop, and when I needed, on location, I just sync the folder, taking advantage of a collective distributed upload and capping my download badtwith.
  3. Maybe start with a setting to limit the amount of RAM used or processes, because 14 processes running is sub-optimal. Sure it will hinder the performance, but it won't hog the whole nas and it still would be useful.
  4. Resilio Sync Home on my DS218j with an Armada38x is taking too much RAM and bringing the throughput to an halt. The same does not happen on my other DS1817+ with Avoton. I've installed the latest version, see the screenshot. Please fix this.
  5. Hello Carlo, it appears that I did not convey well what I would like to achieve, as I am not trying to just mount a network drive: I would like to see a way to access a Resilio Sync folder (from those already available within your identity) without actually reside on your computer. You know the whole process of selecting a location for the folder you'd like to connect? I'd like to be able to skip that for a true "cloud folder" that resides only in those devices you select. Folders available and accessible but not synced.
  6. Hello everyone, I need of a solution for a problem I have. I have about 80k files between two NAS synced together with Resilio Sync, and everything works beautifully. Often I need to access those files on my laptop, that has limited storage. I access those files from the NAS with SMB, but because they are quite big files, I struggle with the upload speed of the WAN connection of the NAS. My dream would be to have a Resilio Sync folder mounted on my laptop as a network drive, so I would be able to access those files without storing them on my laptop - but more importantly, in