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  1. Hello Carlo, it appears that I did not convey well what I would like to achieve, as I am not trying to just mount a network drive: I would like to see a way to access a Resilio Sync folder (from those already available within your identity) without actually reside on your computer. You know the whole process of selecting a location for the folder you'd like to connect? I'd like to be able to skip that for a true "cloud folder" that resides only in those devices you select. Folders available and accessible but not synced.
  2. Hello everyone, I need of a solution for a problem I have. I have about 80k files between two NAS synced together with Resilio Sync, and everything works beautifully. Often I need to access those files on my laptop, that has limited storage. I access those files from the NAS with SMB, but because they are quite big files, I struggle with the upload speed of the WAN connection of the NAS. My dream would be to have a Resilio Sync folder mounted on my laptop as a network drive, so I would be able to access those files without storing them on my laptop - but more importantly, in a much faster way - as I'd be able to download them from the combined upload speed of multiple synced point of presence. In other words, something similar to Google file stream, but private. Am I dreaming or this is a possible feature request?