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  1. Hi Helen Thank you for your thorough answer. So impressed by Resilio, great piece of software.
  2. Hi I'm sure this has been asked before, but I couldn't find an answer, so here I go What is Resilios recommendation in regards to folder structure, from a purely technical standpoint? Is it better to sync many small folders (a few files, a few subdirectories) vs. syncing one large folder (many files, many subdirectories)? I realize this depends heavily on the intended use case, but disregarding that for a moment, which is better for Resilio? In my case, I'm using Resilio to sync my own personal project files between my laptop, work computer and my NAS. I simply want to have the exact same files at home as I do at work. I used to have one folder called "Work" where I'd have up to 100 project folders, each with many subdirectories and files. That folder was about 16 GB in about 67000 files (many of them quite small, I'm a web dev). When trying Resilio, before setting everything up I archived many old projects and brought the contents of my "Work" folder down to 3.5 GB in about 13500 files in it. Resilio is now syncing that whole folder without a hitch. Is this wise though? Should I rather sync each project on its own? And if there's no argument against sharing one large folder, could I have shared the original 16 GB folder just as easily or would that have been risky? I'm the only one that has and is going to have access to this folder, so sharing specific folders and whatnot with someone else is never going to be an issue (and even if it does become an issue, I can always just create a share within a share). One other question, I read that Resilio creates versions of files when they're changed/deleted. Where exactly are these files stored? The main sync folder in Resilios preferences doesn't exist on my system ~/Users/myuser/Resilio Sync it's called, but again, that one doesn't exist. Also, does it just create versions of files or of whole folders as well (when a folder is deleted, for instance)? By the way, I absolutely love Resilio thus far! Great piece of software! Thanks a lot!
  3. I've got it working now, fyi. My problem was that I was trying to access the Resilio page from outside my LAN through DDNS (and I've not setup my router to allow Resilios ports, duh, newb). Trying it in my LAN worked liked a charm. I'm extremely impressed by the way. I've used Barracuda Copy and SugarSync as well as Dropbox before this and the speed of Resilio boggles the mind. I've got it running on a modest DS212J and even after dropping roughly 3.5 GB (~13500 smallish files) in a share folder, Resilio didn't bat an eye. What would have taken SugarSync at least 2 hours, Resilio completed within Minutes. Later I added about 400 MBs in 3 PSDs, and before I could check how long the upload estimate was, the files had already been synced. It's like magic I hope it continues to run as smoothly as it does now, again, very impressive.
  4. Hi RomanZ I'm having the same issue as neser. I was able to activate the package, but when navigating to the resilio page (port 28888) the page cannot be displayed. My DS is running exclusively on SSL and security is setup pretty tight. Could that have anything to do with it? EDIT: I'll post my logs/results ASAP (still at work atm). Really keen to try Resilio Thanks a lot! Best yner