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  1. Thanks. That seemed to work although it is not intuitive and it is, I think, a bit incomplete. This is because when I choose a folder on one machine it seems to automatically make a sync folder on the second: I have to first delete that 'automatic' folder then can link my chosen folder. I could see it being a bit more user-friendly if, when I start the process on Computer A it allowed me to target then a chosen folder on Computer B. I could then go over to Computer B and "approve the request". This would be simple and not require any non-intuitive deleting and re-choosing folders.... Sorry if my terminology is a bit sloppy. Thanks Richard
  2. I cannot figure this "apparently simple" question out. I want to sync my "d:\document" folder on my desktop to my "c:\document" folder on my laptop. Both have the Sync program installed. It seems like I should be able to very simply say on one computer that I want to sync folder A on this computer to folder B on this computer ("peer") but, if that is so, it is very obscure. I'm sure it can be easily done but can anyone point me to that route... This would be a little more relevant if the folders had different names but even that is not obvious to me how to do, and the instructions are completely silent on this issue insofar as I can figure. Does it matter which computer I start on? Thanks Richard