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  1. After an exchange with Resilio support the issue is in regards of (de)composed filenames (Resilio Support). I have a special case because i use a Resilio Docker Image (Linux composed filenames) but files will be saved on my macOS filesystem (decomposed filenames). A rename will fail in this situation. Support recommends to increase or disable "folder_rescan_interval" to mitigate the high usage every 10 minutes. There is no further solution to this issue.
  2. Hi, while checking why the fan of my Resilio "sync" server spins up every 10 minutes (or the default interval for PeriodicScan) i see lots of FixConflictNameJob tasks which cannot be resolved. All affected files have german Umlaut, as example: Of course the rename fails because renaming to the same filename doesn't work as the file already exist. Are there any issues with German Umlaut in general? This instance of Resilio is from the official Docker Image running on the current Docker Version on macOS Sierra 10.12.1.
  3. Dear Helen! Thank you for your feedback. During my debug tries i found out that my server is not responding due heavy swapping to the harddrive. I allowed Docker to take to much RAM and the system startet to swap. With all the pressure (Resilio (Sync in indexing), the System itself (OSX) and Backups (TimeMachine)) i think its fair to assume that Resilio wasn't at fault in this situation. I reduced to available RAM to Docker and restarted the Server. The sync could finish without any further problem and the container is responsive since then. Thank you for your help! Kind regards pal
  4. I just setup resilio on two Macs and a iPhone and everything is in sync. Today i tried my server and used the official docker container. However after around half of my files synced the website is not accessible anymore. My (upload) client recognises no more available peers. Attaching to the container or restarting is not possible, i have to restart docker to gain access to the container. However after 1 or 2 minutes of syncing the connection is lost again and the container is unresponsive. The logs right when the connection is lost: Show/hide second try after docker restart: Show/hide