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  1. I found an issue when using Selective Sync that can take to data loss in a certain scenario. Computer A shares a Folder and computer B synchronises with that folder while Selective Sync on B is switched on. Copying a "big" file -let's say 4 GB- into the folder of Computer B will immediately begin the synchronisation to it's "master" Computer A. Choosing the context menu option "Remove from this device" on that file on Computer B while it's still synchronising will remove the File BEFORE the synchronisation process to Computer A has finished. This means the loss of that file. In my opinion, there are 2 ways to handle this scenario in a correct way: 1. Don't allow to use the context option "Remove from this device" until the File has really been synchroniced, so the file will remain on the "master" computer as expected. or 2. Allow to use the "Remove from this device" action, but apply it once the file has been successfully synchroniced. Cheers, Tonio
  2. @RomanZ I know about bundles as folders and such stuff, but I wondered why Resilio is not able to handle this issue. I agree that the efforts to implement a solution may be too huge. Thanks anyway for responding
  3. The problem is that .app files are shown as .app files (e.g.,, etc.) even if there are NOT synchronised. All other not synchronised files are correctly shown as .rsls files. You may argue that .app files are folders... but even if this is true, the icons are not displayed as folders. So in our eyes there is some inconsistency that can be irritating.
  4. Hi, in macOS and with Selective Sync enabled, App-Files are not handled correctly (see image). This is a huge problem for me because I need to keep .app files in sync. This also happens with Final Cut Pro Library-Files (.fcpbundle). I need help as soon as possible. And I must be able to trust the application without the need of checking the synchronisation for errors.
  5. Hello again. In macOS App-Files are not handled correctly. This is a huge problem for me because I need to keep .app files in sync. What can I do? Edit: this also happens with Final Cut Pro Library-Files (.fcpbundle)
  6. Trying out the Mobile Sync App on iOS 10... Backing up the fotos of the iPhone to the Mac looks like in the attached picture. What the damn is that? This kind of "backup" is not usable in any way... or am I doing something wrong?
  7. Goodness, it worked! You saved my day ;-) Thanks!
  8. In macOS the finder contextual menu for Selektive Synchronisation (I have the Pro license) does not appear. I restarted Resilio Sync several times, but it doesn't help. Any suggestions?