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  1. Right this might work for my home network, but then I have no problem anyway, since I can use the option "Local network" . The problem exists when I am on the network of my carrier. But thank you for confirming that this option is not present, yet. I thought I just dont find it. Looking forward to this feature in the future.
  2. Hi @All, first, I am very happy with the functionality of "Resilio Sync". It works great. I am using it with multiple clients: 2 private ones (unencrypted) + 1 phone + 1 server (encrypted). I can predefine my static server IP in all desktop applications. And now I wondered if there is an option to predefine hosts in the Android App, as well ? Or how can I make sure that my phone is finding my server without using the relay, and tracker service? Thanks for your help