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  1. OK, so I recently noticed that my files weren't being synced, so I went to check in the desktop app to see what the deal was (I didn't upgrade to Resilio Sync yet). Turns out, Sync wasn't running and the shortcut I had in the start menu wasn't working either. I went and downloaded Resilio Sync, but that didn't install correctly either. I went into the appdata folder for it and only found debug.txt and sync.log. The debug.txt only contains the following: "FFFFFFFF0" and the contents of sync.log are as follows:

    platform: Windows workstation 10.0 amd64
    [2016-10-29 11:20:09] ZIP: Can't locate [version] in zip, error -100.
    [11:23:15.029] Debug log mask has been set to FFFFFFFF
    [11:23:15.029] Features mask has been set to 0
    [2016-10-29 11:23:15] ZIP: Can't locate [version] in zip, error -100.

    The only recent change that I think could have an effect was that I recently installed Malwarebytes for a random bit of malware that I found.