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  1. Currently still takes several hours to load the Resilio Sync after restarting it. Now just says since 4-5 hours at window title: Sync Home (not responding).
  2. So the db will grow endless...??? Isn't there need for garbage collection? There are a lot files, which are deleted, and will never come back. The space of those entries could be recycled after a few months.
  3. Uhm, I should have been notify here, that it seems, today we tracked down with Helen the source of the problem. I did put FileDelayConfig to the shared folder/.sync instead of the global resilio folder. I learned today, that FileDelayConfig is a global configuration file, the IgnoreList is a local one.
  4. Now it's clear that FileDelayConfig is global, while IgnoreList is local. Thanks your your clear informations! I hope now will work fine!
  5. The IgnoreList file belongs to \folder\.sync\ directory or to the C:\Users\user_name\AppData\Roaming\Resilio Sync\ ? This may be also solve my other problem, too.
  6. Do I need to restart Resilio Sync to make effect of FileDelayConfig edit?
  7. Oh, ok. Testing. Isn't there possibility to use folder based config files?
  8. Maybe I should move the FileDelayConfig from my "private" folder to C:\Users\user_name\AppData\Roaming\Resilio Sync\ folder? This way my local FileDelayConfig config of my "private" folder will become global, isn't it?
  9. Because it was adviced to the .sync directory by: https://help.resilio.com/hc/en-us/articles/207491426-Setting-Delay-Time-For-Syncing-Windows-Only- Also I did not like to put data to C (system) drive, so I changed default folder location. Using Resilio Sync v2.5.6, as posted in previous post.
  10. folder_rescan_interval: 21600 disk_low_priority: true config_save_interval: 1200 log_size:1 Others are default values. The FileDelayConfig file resides in: d:\private\.sync\ directory. Using Resilio Sync v2.5.6. I see in the log at least 4 updates of Mozilla_Profile\Profiles\test\webappstore.sqlite-wal within the same minute.
  11. Two specific folders keeps showing infinitely: - folder Private: Progress "11% a few seconds" - 4.5Gb content, 26 645 files, 3 765 folders - folder Dev: Progress "1% a few seconds" - 10,71 Gb content, 388 047 files, 83 909 folders on Windows7 Pro, using Resilio Sync v2.5.6. Both folders has a lot files, some of them are changing frequently (like Firefox browser profile directory). The Dev 1% progress never changes, altough the status is a green checkmark.
  12. Having a trigger from OS, that a file was changed, should not necessarily followed by a sync action in Resilio Sync. It is a developer decision, what to do with the input from the OS. If there is a condition in Resilio Sync, that if the file was already synced in last X seconds or minutes, then ignore the file. So I think this is a bug in Resilio Sync. The FileDelayConfig is not working either.
  13. Was it finally fixed? I have no success with the following FileDelayConfig config: { "*.rdf": 10800, "*.json": 10800, "*.sqlite": 10800, "*.sqlite-shm": 10800, "*.sqlite-wal": 10800, "*.js": 10800, "*.bak": 10800, "*.tmp": 10800, "*.sbstore": 10800, "*.pset": 10800 }
  14. How about FileDelayConfig? I doesn't work me either.