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  1. Currently still takes several hours to load the Resilio Sync after restarting it. Now just says since 4-5 hours at window title: Sync Home (not responding).
  2. So the db will grow endless...??? Isn't there need for garbage collection? There are a lot files, which are deleted, and will never come back. The space of those entries could be recycled after a few months.
  3. Uhm, I should have been notify here, that it seems, today we tracked down with Helen the source of the problem. I did put FileDelayConfig to the shared folder/.sync instead of the global resilio folder. I learned today, that FileDelayConfig is a global configuration file, the IgnoreList is a local one.
  4. Now it's clear that FileDelayConfig is global, while IgnoreList is local. Thanks your your clear informations! I hope now will work fine!
  5. The IgnoreList file belongs to \folder\.sync\ directory or to the C:\Users\user_name\AppData\Roaming\Resilio Sync\ ? This may be also solve my other problem, too.
  6. Do I need to restart Resilio Sync to make effect of FileDelayConfig edit?
  7. Oh, ok. Testing. Isn't there possibility to use folder based config files?
  8. Maybe I should move the FileDelayConfig from my "private" folder to C:\Users\user_name\AppData\Roaming\Resilio Sync\ folder? This way my local FileDelayConfig config of my "private" folder will become global, isn't it?
  9. Because it was adviced to the .sync directory by: https://help.resilio.com/hc/en-us/articles/207491426-Setting-Delay-Time-For-Syncing-Windows-Only- Also I did not like to put data to C (system) drive, so I changed default folder location. Using Resilio Sync v2.5.6, as posted in previous post.
  10. folder_rescan_interval: 21600 disk_low_priority: true config_save_interval: 1200 log_size:1 Others are default values. The FileDelayConfig file resides in: d:\private\.sync\ directory. Using Resilio Sync v2.5.6. I see in the log at least 4 updates of Mozilla_Profile\Profiles\test\webappstore.sqlite-wal within the same minute.
  11. Two specific folders keeps showing infinitely: - folder Private: Progress "11% a few seconds" - 4.5Gb content, 26 645 files, 3 765 folders - folder Dev: Progress "1% a few seconds" - 10,71 Gb content, 388 047 files, 83 909 folders on Windows7 Pro, using Resilio Sync v2.5.6. Both folders has a lot files, some of them are changing frequently (like Firefox browser profile directory). The Dev 1% progress never changes, altough the status is a green checkmark.
  12. Having a trigger from OS, that a file was changed, should not necessarily followed by a sync action in Resilio Sync. It is a developer decision, what to do with the input from the OS. If there is a condition in Resilio Sync, that if the file was already synced in last X seconds or minutes, then ignore the file. So I think this is a bug in Resilio Sync. The FileDelayConfig is not working either.
  13. Was it finally fixed? I have no success with the following FileDelayConfig config: { "*.rdf": 10800, "*.json": 10800, "*.sqlite": 10800, "*.sqlite-shm": 10800, "*.sqlite-wal": 10800, "*.js": 10800, "*.bak": 10800, "*.tmp": 10800, "*.sbstore": 10800, "*.pset": 10800 }
  14. How about FileDelayConfig? I doesn't work me either.
  15. I think the 5Gb .db file is a bit too much for storing info of 500.000 files. In average, it seems that one file needs about 10700 bytes in the database. Seems to be a but too much. What data is stored in the db? filename filesize directory name & path hash(es) of file Any history data or other data are stored in the .db file?
  16. Thanks for your reply & ideas. I would not like to re-add the folders, because syncing 35-40Gb would take a long time. I will only do this, if this would clear such big database items, which would not be cleared after a time. Yesterday I increased rescan interval from 2 hour to 6 hour (21600). Also, yesterday I upgraded from Resilio Sync v2.5.5 to Resilio Sync v2.5.6. Currently the sync is going, but two folders (10 Gb and 5 Gb, both having a lot files, are progressing very slowly, currently they are at 4%).
  17. Using Resilio Sync v2.5.5 on both side. The used memory by Resilio Sync is about 1.3Gb, using 25% of 4 processors, so 1 processor is running at 100% (which is used by Resilio Sync). Total physical memory is 8Gb, 85% is used now. Also I get very often app has "Not responding" State in task list, for long time. Likely it is the same problem, as I use Bittorrent Sync since around v1.2 - 1.3 version. About since 2014, 3 years :-) I always had this problem, but in earlier versions it was not so bad. Perhaps as the file number increases, the loading time & indexing time increased. But now it makes Resilio Sync unusable. I have to wait several hours to become responsive & finish loading, then do something. The 474 080 files in 97 336 directories, total of 36 Gb. should be not much for an online backup software, like Resilio Sync. Today, after several hours I reached the state, that I was able to copy key, then paste into other side. EDIT2: Total size of .db files stored in c:\Users\user\AppData\Roaming\Resilio Sync\: 5,65 Gb. EDIT3: I will try to add to the .sync\IgnoreList of one backup folder, which contains Mozilla profile, to exclude the cache: \Mozilla_Profile\Profiles\myprofile\thumbnails\ \Mozilla_Profile\Profiles\myprofile\cache2\
  18. I have the same problem, loading Resilio Sync takes forever, or at least too much to handle the syncing. 474 080 files in 97 336 directories, total of 36 Gb. Windows 7 Pro on both sides. Could you put efforts to optimize loading of the files? Or do it in background, because the shared directories are not even displayed, before Loading is not finished. Thanks!
  19. I tried the following, but seems it doesn't work, the files are still synced even each second, so more hundreds of same archive files are stored: https://help.getsync.com/hc/en-us/articles/207491426-Setting-Delay-Time-For-Syncing-Windows-Only-
  20. The following isn't an option to solve the issue? https://help.getsync.com/hc/en-us/articles/205450695-Do-I-have-an-option-to-ignore-some-files-during-syncing-
  21. I backup my Firefox profile folder with Resilio Sync. Also I turned on, to keep deleted files,so they are kept in archive directory. However there are files, which change very often (even multiple times a minute), which are archived. The problem is, that those files are backed up very often, even more times a minute. So Resilio Sync keeps even more hundred copies of each file, and the archived files together takes even 100 Gb. It is set to expire files in 30 days. But even after a few days my hdd becomes full. Any idea how to exclude selected files from being backuped or force to backup them only every 60 minutes? Waiting your answer. Thanks, Webmaster33