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  1. I'm planning to migrate to a DiskStation (and to use Sync with several NAS's) and am very interested in this security improvement as well. We should be able to define the user that Sync runs under.
  2. Just wanted to share an update for the benefit of others: The issue turned out to be that my old NAS was too slow to keep up, and so was throwing all sorts of errors resulting in Sync having difficulty getting files written correctly. So the primary problem was hardware related in this case.
  3. As was suggested, I've gone ahead and made a Feature Request in the vein of the above thread. I encourage other users to post there if they are interested in this type of functionality!
  4. This has previously been mentioned at least here, and perhaps in other posts as well. The basic idea is to expand the current Scheduled Syncs functionality to be able to be defined on a per-Folder basis. Order of priority would be such that any Folders that don't have a Folder-specific Sync Schedule defined would then be subject to the Global Sync Schedule settings. But if a Folder has it's own Sync Schedule settings then those take precedence for that Folder. The reason that being able to define this on a per-Folder basis would be very useful is that different folders may hold different types of media (both in terms of size, but also importance). So a user might have one folder which they want to be synced quite frequently, but another folder might have data that changes often, but which is less important. And so in order to not have the less important folder dominate the pipeline the user could define schedules such that the less important folder is syncing less often. Personally, I'd love to see some version of what Crashplan has where one can both set schedules and define priorities (ie, one folder is a higher priority than another). But I realize that is getting significantly more complex. At this stage if we could next have Sync Schedules on a Per-Folder basis that would be a significant step. And then perhaps after that is added there could be added the option to define a "Sync Order" for all Folders. This would only apply when multiple folders are trying to sync at the same time, and it would indicate the order (and proportion of available bandwidth) that the competing folders should be synced in (ie, higher priority folders get more bandwidth than lower priority folders). Thanks for considering these requests!
  5. Great questions! 1) Yes, definitely seeing actual file transfers. I can confirm this by the amount of data being transmitted to the local computer (I have a bandwidth meter), the prescence of !SYNC files in the .sync folder (on the local computer), and that some files have already been replaced (indicated by copies ending up in the Archive folder of the local computer). Strange thing about the copies in the Archive folder though -- they have a modified date of the when the sync occurred, and not their original modified date. 2) I can confirm that the paths of both ends are correctly pointing to the actual folders, and not some other location. I had not done anything with these video files, and they had been in sync (in Sync's eyes) prior to my upgrading to Pro and the above described steps I went through. Thoughts?
  6. I was originally a Free user and I had created a Read Only sync between two computers (which act as local to each other, but are connected via VPN). I upgraded to Pro and in the process I wanted to change the sync to be an Advanced folder. Being new to Sync I couldn't figure out how to do what I wanted without removing the folder from Sync completely (which removed it from the Sync interface on both computers). I then added the folder back as an Advanced folder, and then Connected it on the remote computer. The problem is the remote computer is now syncing already synced files back to the local computer, and I don't understand why. Everything was already fully synced -- shouldn't Sync be able to index everything and recognize that the data is all the same? It's over 40GB of data going over my VPN (ie, it will take a while), so I'm not thrilled about this dynamic, and I thought Sync was built to preclude this sort of thing. Undoubtedly there's some user-error at play here, so I welcome any input on how to avoid having a re-sync of my data. Thanks!
  7. Awesome -- thanks so much! That was super-helpful and encouraging! And gave me what I needed to take the plunge last week during the sale and purchase a Pro license. Currently it looks like it is working as expected. I will monitor things the next time the VPN is interrupted and make sure that Sync switches back to the Direct connection properly (and if not, get in touch with Support). Thanks again!
  8. Greetings! I'm new to ResilioSync, and I have a few questions. I'm on Windows 10 Pro x64, using Resilio 2.4.2. Is there still a way to determine if a connection is being made via Direct as opposed to via Internet/Relay? I gather that in the past there were icons that indicated this, but I'm not clear on where I would be seeing those if they are in fact present. In my Peers list I don't see any icons currently. My Peers are reachable via a VPN connection, and so in theory should get treated as Local (which is what I want). However, sometimes the VPN goes down. During that time I assume that Resilio will switch to connecting via the Internet/Relay (as I've currently allowed for that in my settings). What I'm wondering is, will Resilio periodically try again to connect via Local/Direct? My preference is that it would switch back to Local/Direct as soon as Local is available again, but I'm wondering if it is built to (or if there is a way to configure it to) automatically do that? Note that I am okay with it connecting via Internet/Relay temporarily -- I just want it to revert to Local/Direct and give preference to that when possible (ie, I don't want to it switch to Internet and then never switch back to Local/Direct). Thanks!