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  1. Hi Andy, I did not realize that was an easy option. By default it is starting with a blank slate, but I suppose you are saying there is a way to mount the "real" filesystem inside docker, which makes sense. I will look into that. I did see one post through my googling stating that resiliosync was one of the apps planned to be supported for DSM 7, but that may just be Synology's wishful thinking.
  2. Hi, First of all, you can switch to Resilio Sync for Docker if your NAS supports Docker, which I did. However, if you had all your files on the directly in ResilioSync on the actual NAS, then it is an issue to somehow get them all into the Docker version, since Resilio Sync is not running to sync them. I hope Resilio will release an updated version soon - at least when DSM 7 is released officially.