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  1. With Resilio running on 2 office servers in different cities, what's the best way to set them up for users? I don't understand why the docs advise against running as root - what is the explanation please? What I need is the ability to run the service permanently on each machine and have select folders in each users home tree synced between them, with the proviso that these servers are acting as file servers to Win7 clients in the office, In other words, the users won't usually log onto the Linux server locally, but see their selected folder as a mapped network drive, which we'd like to sync. The sync process must start automatically if any of the servers are rebooted. If the advice is not to create a root user, is it sensible to create a new regular user, "resilio", on each server which runs the sync process? Thanks - so far I am loving this, it looks like the answer to Dropbox I've been searching for. The Android client is excellent.
  2. Thank you Helen I'd just worked out that way and was about to post here!
  3. I just installed Resillo on 2 Fed 25 servers and shared a folder on each. When I paste the share URL into the other one I get "Failed to open URI "btsync://link.getsync.com/?f=Res" ... as described https://forum.resilio.com/topic/31509-failed-to-open-uri-btsynclinkgetsynccom/#comment-90286. Following through those comments it turns out the workaround is to install the GUI from http://www.yeasoft.com/site/projects:btsync-deb:btsync-gui but there doesn't seem to be a Fedora version. What am I missing please, or is there another workaround? Thanks.