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  1. Please give us a context menu to add files to ignorelist. When right clicking and then picking "add to ignorelist", a popup appears, letting us to adjust the pattern. Eg if the file I just right-click-added to ignorelist is called "ps12345.tmp", I now can change the pattern to "ps*.tmp" and press OK to add this to the ignorelist. This little thing can make this process more efficient.
  2. When the warning triangle popup occurs it shows me what files cannot be downloaded, eg locked etc. 1) Instead of wandering through the folder-tree, folder by folder, please give us a list, showing the folder structure and the files that cannot be synced. 2) Often, the reason is that the files were temporary files etc. I know I can add them manually in the ignore list, but: Please give us a button "Add to ignore-list" which pops up a window where you can make adjustments, eg if the file I just ignored is called ps12345.tmp, I might want to change the ignore pattern to "ps*.tmp".
  3. No clues? I am just trying to understand what possible causes there can be.
  4. On my phone, I have the ability of multiple profiles. Each one of the profiles, has its own Sync app installed, with different identity names. When syncing the same folder to each profile, I get the message that the folder is already synced (although in another profile). What could be the cause you think?
  5. When I work with the Selective Sync method and long press a folder to sync it - there is no unsync. I assume the Clear does this. What if I delete the files manually in a file manager - would that interfere with how Sync works internally?
  6. When using Selective Sync in mobile version, I can long press and select "clear" to clear what was synced. I noticed it also clears out non-sync-files, ie if I synced a RAR file and uncompressed it, when clearing, it deleted the unpacked file(s) as well. I would like to see a setting that either lets me keep the file without asking, or asking if I want to keep other files or delete everything.
  7. When I put files in the shared folder, it takes a little bit until it starts syncing. How can I manually start the sync process?
  8. Thanks for the link. I have the tiniest amount of knowledge in Linux and I wonder if its possible to have the package extracted, ie have it run like any webservice like OwnCloud or Wordpress or such software one has on the server. Is it possible to use it like that? edit: Would it require a Virtual Private Server?
  9. In this case, yes it would work. So I guess my proper feature-wish should be that I should be able to exclude sharing links from "Synced" mode
  10. I don't know the proper technical term. Is it possible to install Sync on the same kind of server where I host my website? I can choose between linux- and windows-server.
  11. Thank Marko Precisely. However, If I want to share something just between "me" and "group of friends", it wont work as it is right now. The problem isn't really that anyone within any of my devices sees those files (because basically, my devices consist of me, myself and I), but rather that some of the devices are meant to have the sync-all setting and therefor, anything I share to my friends (and that is meant for them) will also end up on the device that syncs anything you feed it with.
  12. Thank you Helen, I posted a suggestion in the request-forum, regarding offering this ability in future versions of Sync.
  13. Hi! What caught my attention and had me buy Sync was the ability to share any file located anywhere on the computer with anyone. True freedom compared to eg Dropbox, OneDrive and the likes. Then I discovered Synced-mode which was great, since it offers a maintenance-free system where you sync what you need on one computer and can be assured it's going to be synced on the others. Unfortunately, those great features are offered in an either-or fashion: either a network of linked devices, or regular share between different persons. I would love to see both those options available: I might want to sync all my photos to the NAS; while adding a school-project between me and one of my class-mates, and another teamworking project which I share with another bunch of people. Without having those folders synced to the NAS. If I dare to bring in a third case, I would even suggest more than just one link-network. Why? Because the Sync-mode is a great tool that I might want to have in more than one case (eg the Computer <-> NAS link). Thanks!