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  1. This is a must-have! If I need to sync files to 3 users I should not have to make 3 copies of the files! I need to share 90 gigs worth of files, it will take 180 extra gigs to do that because you don't support Symlink, or Hardlink...
  2. ./rslsync: error while loading shared libraries: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory I have never been able to get Resilio to work on Fedora 30, I am running Fedora 29 in all PCs since my operation depends on Resilio.
  3. I use linux (Fedora 25), but I found a bunch of people with the same problem in different OS's So, each time I ran Resilio I either got asked to configure it as if for the first time, which mean I lost all my previos configuration and peers, or and old outdated configuration showed up, which was useless by the time I came across it. The cause? It turn out that, in Linux -don't know the rest of the OS's- Resilio creates a .sync hidden folder in whichever folder you happen to be on when you run it. It is pretty clear if you are in a terminal window (or command prompt). If you run
  4. I figure it out. In Linux, at least. Resilio kept creating a .sync folder in whichever directory I happened to be when I ran it. So I created a scrip which changes directory (CD) to where I want the config files to be, and thus it has the same configuration whenever I run it. Phewwww....
  5. Hello. I have the same problem on Fedora. Every time I reboot I lose all my settings and have to configure it again. I found this thread about OSX, and also in Windows, no solutions or non applicable to linux, I guess I'll have to create one.
  6. I have the same problem in Linux. How much out of luck would you guys say I am regarding this thread?