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  1. I think it is dead. No one bothers posting here anymore. Which is a bugger, because my peers have started connecting through the relay server for some reason, and I don't know why or how to fix it.
  2. I appear to have a similar problem at this point, suddenly stopped syncing. Haven't been able to troubleshoot with other end yet though. v2.6.1 at my end. Also "Unable to contact the Resilio Sync update server"
  3. What does "disconnect" mean here? I just move the folder in question, when Sync complains it now can't be found, I point it at the new location.
  4. I reinstalled 2.3.3, the version I was using before. My folders were restored, and things appear to be working as normal.
  5. I chose to upgrade also: the uninstall failed with a pop-up, the new install failed silently, and an install from the downloaded installer lost all my folders.