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  1. I use Resilio Sync to synchronize a folder. I have noticed that when I copy many files to another folder other than the synchronized one, Resilio Sync (2.6.4 win64 buld) uses the CPU excessively. I also use other software to synchronize with a cloud service (Sync.com and Yandex.Disk, for example) and it is not the case that Windows clients of these providers use more resources when writing files in non-synchronized folders. It has a solution? I attach a screenshot as a reference. Thank you.
  2. Thanks Helen. I waited several hours and even days, with no luck. I usually realize this when I look for a file and I can not find it on the PC where it should have been synchronized. I'm pretty sure this did not happen in versions prior to 2.4.4 (not 100% anyway)
  3. I can confirm 2.4.4 has a ┬┐bug? not recognizing when a locked file is unlocked. Restarting Resilio service works to fix the issue (but you have to do manually every time you see locked files). I hope dev team can find and fix this issue.
  4. Scenario: 1 PC with a shared folder, Resilio sync to sync that folder with another PC. If I use an "automated" (windows scheduled task) process to copy some files to the shared folder, files remain "locked" and Resilio dont syncronize them. If I copy manually same files, all goes fine. Scheduled task runs as the same user I use. Log says: What could be happening and how can I fix this? Thanks!
  5. @Helen As you can see in my post, I was talking about the automatic update, which doesn't shows any wizard (and therefore the "install as service" is not selectable).
  6. If you have an older version (2.4.3 in my case) running as a service, the automatic updater installs a new instance as "standard" desktop build. It doesn't update the service; It just install a new copy of Resilio Sync without import the previous config. The previous version will be continuing running as a service, but i don't gets upgraded. Thanks