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  1. Just checked - version is 2.5.6. No point in sending screen shot - problem disappeared today! I did have 4 of 4 peers online - all of them showing synced (a tick) But with status and progress showing stuck at different percentages - with "no online peers with required files" If it happens again I will take screen shots
  2. I have several PC's running latest version of resilio sync. They are all synced and all working fine. Despite showing they are synced one of them shows: Status 36%; progress 36% - a few seconds One shows Status 14%; progress 14% - a few seconds Hovering over the percentage in "Status" gives the message: "No online peers with required files" However - they show connected to all peers and they show they are synced. I have also compared the files - they are all identical. I have tried closed and reopening As everything is working fine (apart from the status and progress) should I just ignore the problem - or any suggestion as to how to correct? Thanks
  3. Just to add to the reports. I am happy with the locked file warning - a good feature to remind users to close files. However, since upgrading to resilio, we are having the same problem as reported above. Despite closing files they do not sync and are shown as locked. Restarting Resilio resolves the problem - or opening the file and closing it again also works. This is a problem common to several operating versions in different locations. It appears that resilio still believes the files are in use - and therefore will not sync. As there is no way for remote users to know that the file is "locked" this is creating a big problem with old files being opened and changed. Thanks