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  1. Hi, I'm new to Resilio. That is, I've been playing around with it for a few days now. I like the whole idea behind it, and it could serve my purpose. My main purpose for it is that want to sync (user)folders on several clients (PC's and laptops) in this house to my QNAP (NAS). For reasons of having back-up of those. Additional I would like to make back-up's all all camera-rolls on all mobile phones in this household. I have a 1Gbit (wired) network that all the clients (and NAS) are wired to. Mobiles connect over 802.11ac wireless. I have no issues on wired or wireless network (otherwise). Movies are streamed throughout the house. I first installed a 'SERVER-peer' installation (version 2.4.4) of Resilio on my QNAP. And for practice a 'CLIENT-peer' installation (version 2.4.4) on my MacBook Pro. Then started syncing a folder, that had a few rather large (350Mb) files. And Resilio reported a maximum speed of 3.4 MB/s. Saying it would take days to sync that folder. Now my NAS has relatively low RAM (1Gb), so I removed the 'SERVER-peer' installation from my NAS, and installed a new 'SERVER-peer' installation (version 2.4.4) on a Windows 10 'server' (running on a ESXi-server). That has plenty of RAM (32Gb). So I set-up the same folder-sync. And got a bit higher speeds, up to 13.1 MB/s, but still not much. That is, I think that could and should be higher. On the preferences of the folder-to-sync on my 'CLIENT-peer' I turned off server searching & tracking, and gave in the (fixed) IP of the 'SERVER-peer'. I even tinkered with the advanced settings, turning off encryption on LAN, and enlarging buffers on send and receive. Still I feel the speeds are too slow. Or am I just expecting too much? Also I noticed that the whole sync-process is not constant at all. It starts and stops, goes up and down in speed, almost never reaching the 13.1 MB/s I mentioned. Most of the time it's lower than 1 MB/s. Testing a back-up of the camera-roll on my mobile leads to (upload)speeds of around 1.5 MB/s maximum. Very low speed as well in my opinion. So what speeds should I be aiming for? Is something wrong in my installation? Hope anyone can help, or et my expectations straight. I now keep trying to improve speeds, but maybe that simply not to be achieved. Regards, Roland