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  1. Locking files?

    My problem is that I download files mainly in Excel or CSV format directly from 3rd party platforms such as Am Ex, EShares etc. Those files seem to be locked and I don't know how or why. Once I actually restart my sync although the locked message goes away, the files remain in locked status and never sync across my network. I did find a workaround which is going into each of these locked files, making a single edit such as putting the #1 or any keystroke into a single cell, then hitting save. Once I do that the files start syncing across and I presume is now unlocked.
  2. Locking files?

    @Helen I didn't mean their to be redundancy or duplication of efforts. I originally started this thread as a means to an end, and ultimately find a solution to my problem. Later I realized that I needed to escalate my problems directly to the support agents. I wanted to interact a little bit more on here in a public setting to understand if others are also having out of sync folders or is it just me. At this time, it has been quite some time and my issues still haven't been resolved nor have I heard back from your support team since last week. I would appreciate anything you can do to help move this along on my behalf. Thanks, Amir
  3. Locking files?

    @Helen I restarted sync and the locked file message does go away like you said. The problem is that the files that were previously locked aren't syncing across my network after the restart. So what you are left with are folders that "are out of sync". I'm hoping you guys can advise on a fix. Thanks, Amir
  4. Locking files?

    @Helen NO. The problem is that certain files, I noticed mainly Microsoft Excel or CSV, are just not syncing. Interestingly enough other Excel files are syncing over, so this is inconsistent. I'll give you an example. I just logged into my American Express portal and downloaded transactions from 2 different machines. I saved these files, named them differently and closed out. After this I got an error message and said these files are "locked" but I was no longer in the files, saved them and closed them out. The end result when I checked my root folder from 3 different machines, they all give me different results of their contents which confirm no syncing is going on because these files are deemed "locked". Now do you understand the problem? I just opened up a ticket with Resilio Support and attached screenshots but wouldn't mind your input as well. Thanks, Amir
  5. Locking files?

    @Helen I understand what you are saying but this problem didn't exist prior to the latest update. Is your team currently working on a fix? Please let me know. Thanks, Amir
  6. Locking files?

    @Helen I also want to report that prior to the latest product update my syncing infrastructure has been working flawlessly. I can't really say that anymore as I am getting similar problems as reported in this thread above by other users. When I sync files I am now getting a "locked file" message and later says this file is in use by another application. These error messages ultimately prevent me from cleanly syncing files across my current infrastructure/network. In addition, I notice that these syncing issues arise only when I place brand new downloaded files into my shared folders as opposed to going into current files that I already have in there and making edits to them. Mainly the file types I am have syncing issues (locked files) with are Microsoft Excel and CSV format ones. My questions are as follows, are you acknowledging that this problem exists? What is your team doing in correcting the problem if anything? Please let us know. Thanks, Amir