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  1. Apparently this feature available. First of all to do this you need to ensure Resilio Sync context menu is activated (https://help.getsync.com/hc/en-us/articles/206214625-No-Sync-icons-in-the-file-browser-no-Sync-related-items-in-the-context-menu-on-Mac-Windows). Once activated right click on one the folder within your Selective Sync folder and select "Sync to this device" on the context menu. Once activated all existing and future files will be automatically in synced. What will be helpful though is if it can show Icon to which folder which is running on full sync.
  2. Not a solution but that the screen is in German and it is "Linking Device" prompt asking you to choose the default folder for sync and the default sync mode for new folders.
  3. Let say I have a folder structure below and I have set /foo to be shared on Resilio. It would be great if there is a feature that allows /foo/baz/qux deep subfolder to be set to "Sync" mode while /foo is set to "Selective Sync" mode. -foo | + bar | + baz | + qux