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  1. It saved ok here for me and it does seem to solve the problem so far. I set it to 30000. I wonder if it was triggering a rescan before the previous rescan had finished?
  2. I'm having this problem too, synch-ing about 300Gb of data in a big folder. Basically the sync never finishes and the whole Synology server crawls (I have 1Gb in it but I can't add more as it an un-upgradable version), with web based access taking 10 minutes at a time to get anything to run and the hard disk is constantly thrashing/swapping. Could Resilio Sync be doing ridiculously large re-allocations as it indexes and on a system with limited memory and quite slow swapping to disk (plus slow memory in the first place because of memory compression in Synology's OS) and this just causing everything to crash to a halt?
  3. I'm hitting problems with the synology version of sync locking/tying up my synology (412) performance-wise, it seems to just hog the thing when it is synching a large directory and everything gets very unresponsive.
  4. yes, that unfortunately means he has to lug around the HDD as he needs the storage to be fast. However it seems that this is the only solution right now so what we'll do is simply set him up to access the Syno sync'd folder as a shared folder on a LAN. The thing is with USB HDDs nowadays they tend to be powered or bigger RAID style setups like a DROBO and the PC/Mac itself is the portable element moving between them. It feels like Sync could address this pattern/workflow well with a few tweaks.
  5. Sync won't let me add two shares with the same key. ie. within the same Sync setting we need to sync HDD1 when it is connected and HDD2 when it is connected but I can't add both into the list, it gives me an error "folder already exists".
  6. yes, we grabbed it from that page and installed manually (cedarview was the version we needed). So what's the solution in the above situation? How can he have a HDD at home and a HDD in his studio and use the same mac, and have both hdds sync'd up via the man-in-the-middle NAS?
  7. I have a follow up question to this as a friend has a bit of a weird workflow that I want to help him with: He has a macbook he carries around with him and two usb hdds that he doesn't carry around with him - one he has at home and one he has at the studio. He wants both these USB hdds synchronized via Sync with a Synology NAS server switched on permanently to help do the relaying (it has the latest Sync package installed and is all set up). So the problem is does sync store its state information in the .sync folder relative to the tree it is sharing or is it stored in some central location on the macbook. If it is some central location then how can I get the above set up to work? (the problem being that if it's central, rather than synching when he plugs in his home HDD it will think files have been deleted and reflect that to the NAS).