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  1. Hi Helen, I tried to update Streamslist. I can't find this file. Where should I look?
  2. I have tried to manually find these files but they are nowhere to be found. Some of them are hidden files but they shouldn't in those directories either.
  3. This might not be the right place but I still want to thank everybody at Resilio for this great product. The folder MacintoshHD you see on the screenshot is a recovered backup from a time machine. I tried every sync option out there and they all failed because the time machine is buggy and drops out intermittently. I then realised that I can also use Resilio sync for a one time backup and it did it. It took some days but it did it. I've checked the backup and the files are all okay.
  4. I now get a weird issue. It seems that 2 folders don't want to stop syncing. I have made screenshots. How can I resolve this? As you can see one folder says 99%. The other folder says 100%. In any case both folders have a few files that just don't finish syncing. I can hear the NAS work all the time.
  5. Hi, my old iMac crashed and I got a new one. All I now have is a backup of my old HD. How do I manually migrate Resilio Sync Pro so that I don't have to build up everything from scratch. Is there any hidden folder that Resilio uses to store all sync settings? Will I delete files on other machines if I run a sync with empty folders (like my Pictures folder)? Any thoughts would be great. Cheers, Edward
  6. I'm trying to use the new feature that comes with Resilio 2.5. I want to send somebody images. It says I can't find this in my finder. I have enabled finder integration after updating and I have relaunched the finder. What am I missing?
  7. They are located in the sync folder and they still get created. Creation seems random too me. They get created on the NAS and then sync to the locations. They are always empty.
  8. Hi, I have a ASUSTOR AS3102T and I've noticed a lot of temporary folders piling up. I didn't have this issue before so I suspect it's got to do with the NAS. Can anybody tell me how to stop this and if I can delete them. Regards, Edward
  9. I didn't think too much about the load. May I then suggest that extra features like thumbnails on placeholders is realised in a separate application. I would hate too see Sync get unusable over time because of feature creep. I'd rather see a structure where you have a super fast core component like now and you can then download and install additional apps with their own processes and lower priorities.
  10. Thanks Roman. I'll have a look at the NAS support to find out how to launch a 2nd sync instance.
  11. Hi Helen, Thanks for the reply. I got number 2 sorted out by creating a ABC folder on the desktop and syncing that with the NAS folder. Then the laptop also had the same folder structure. With 3: I would like to have the meta information that you see in the Mac OS finder if you go on info. A small thumbnail of the file or image would also be awesome so that it's not just a file name to go by. Cheers, Edward
  12. Hi, I started my Pro-Trial yesterday and I've come across a few things that I don't understand. 1: I chose "Try-Pro" on my desktop and then linked my laptop. I was expecting the laptop to automatically go on Pro-Trial too. it didn't happen. In the end but I hit the Pro-Trial button on the laptop too. Was this correct? 2: I synced a folder on my NAS (lets' call it ABC) with my desktop. On my desktop I didn't see the folder structure Resilio Sync > ABC. It just dumped all the content of ABC into the folder "Resilio Sync". On my laptop the folder structure was Resilio Sync > Resilio Sync. What did I do wrong? I want to have the folder structure Resilio Sync > ABC on all my devices. 3: Does Selective Sync placeholders also include metadata? I would like to use the Selective Sync feature to reduce network load on my NAS as I often have to look for files using spotlight. Cheers, Edward
  13. Hi David, I assume that you are a using the Pro version. I got this screen too after entering the Pro-Trial. I assume it's for devices that you are linking to an identity. Because in Pro all folders get synced across all linked devices automatically you have to define how they are synced initially. You don't want new folders on your desktop to be synced to your Memory poor mobile. So you select Selective Sync on your mobile. The location you select puts every new folder into that directory. Hope this helps. Regards, Edward