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  1. I want to achieve the following, I have a desktop and a laptop and a Netgear ReadyNas device. I want to sync the My Documents across the laptop and desktop via the Nas i.e. from the desktop to the Nas then from the nas to the laptop and vice versa.

    I have the latest versions of Resilio sync on all devices.

    What folder do I add on the Nas as the intermediate folder?

    When I try an add the My Documents on either the desktop or laptop I get a message saying you don't have permission to write to this folder.

    I'm not sure I understand the setup really.

    I want to go via the Nas because that is always on whereas the desktop or laptop may not necessarily be powered on together.



  2. I thought I'd try removing Resilio completely, then re-install etc on the PC. I typed in a username then selected start resilio as a service. After the install, the web browser started up and I typed in the user name and password and it wouldn't accept it, it just kept asking for the user name and password again.

    I really don't know what is going wrong.



  3. I am sorry for the delay, have been working away from home.

    I can open, read and write to My documents with the user I am logged on as. I open Resilio Sync and try to add a folder (My Documents) and it says "Don't have permission to write to selected folder".

    Is this something to do with the user Resilio Sync defaults to when it is installed i.e. the Name that will be used.....?



  4. Sorry I'm a little confused. I have a PC, a laptop and a Readynas, all running Resilio sync. I want to sync the My documents folders on the PC and Laptop via the NAS. Where do I add which folder ? I don't want to share the My documents folder as that created an additional copy of it on the pc and laptop.

    This is all across a LAN as I have a limited internet connection.



  5. OK, I think I messed up, when I opened the app from my Netgear, I was confused by it being in the root directory. I then opened the local Resilio sync at on both my pc and laptop thereby creating a copy of each others My Documents.

    I now have opened the app and found the NAS copy of My documents, and I want to sync this so that if I make changes on my pc, they are reflected on my laptop and visa versa.


    How do I achieve this?