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  1. Hi, I gave up on the Photo Album and decided that maybe it's just too large for Sync to deal with. I temporarily added my business folders which are smaller and usually synced with Syncback Pro to test but this time around it's taking 5 days so far with another 8 hours to go. Sync has been using 50-90% of my CPU for that time too. Both folder structures were the same on my laptop and the DS411+II so I'm not sure what it's doing. I haven't heard back about the log files yet, I submitted around 3 days ago. I'd like to get this fixed as I've been messing around with it and working on a slow machine due to Sync using resources for way too long now. Also, I've found it's deleted a bunch of files but I'm assuming it will re-sync those automatically?
  2. I'm having similar speed issues, also getting around 13MB/s max. I've been through the troubleshooting steps but it's not helped. Currently Sync is reporting 2 days until everything is synced and I have urgent work to be getting on that requires these files. Running Synology NAS DS411+ II upgraded to 2GB RAM (60% used when syncing) running on a Gigabit network with an ASUS 88U router. Laptop is a high end i7 16GB RAM, Nvidia 1060 etc with gigabit ethernet NIC. I'm running a network cable rather than wifi to help with the speeds but no luck. What can I try to get speeds up, even around 50MB/s would make a world of difference. Using Windows file explorer and dragging/dropping the files manually shows speeds over 50MB/s so there's certainly something up with Resilio Sync. I'll manually copy them over for the time being and wait for Sync to catch up and figure itself out.
  3. Hi Helen, It's a 'Photo Album' folder with family photos back to 1997, it's 1.51TB (157,094 files) 4,661 folders. The folders/files were synced previously with another piece of software (syncback pro) so all are the same on each machine.
  4. Hi, I added three folders to sync and have a laptop, PC and my Synology NAS DS411+II. The laptop and PC seem to be fine with the syncing but my NAS box has been indexing for about a week and is continually thrashing my hard drives. I've done some research and tried setting folder rescan to 24 hours on the NAS as well as turning encryption off and folder notification too but it's not working. What can I do to get it set up properly? I'm using ver 2.4.4-1