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  1. I knew I missed something. Its now working. What I was doing wrong was that I was trying to paste the License ID into place, but instead I was supposed to open the license key in Textedit and paste that code into my client software. All is good, I just got frustrated for a while
  2. I have now manually updated the software on my NAS, so it also bares the name Resilio Sync and laters version 2.4.4 but I still can´t activate the license key.
  3. I might add that I fint the License key at bit short in comparison to what I read in other threads, mine starts with "o" and then followed by 4 letters and 1 number. From what I read it often is longer. looks like this (is instead of letters): 0-XxXx7
  4. Hi, I just started using this Sync method so there is a change I overlooked something. But I can´t copy/paste the Pro license key I just purchased. I have the Resilio Sync installed on 2 NAS devices, one located here in the office and one at home) I also have the desktop app installed on my Mac. The Mac has accepted the license but when I try to copy/paste it into the NAS client software it just says "please add valid key"- I noticed that on the mac the app is called Resilio Sync but on the NAS its called Bittorrent Sync. Does this have anything to do with my problem? I have also tried just manually linking the devices, I created a shared folder that is empty on my mac and try to link it on my NAS but it does not upgrade to Pro on the NAS device. did I overlook any steps?