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  1. I've added 6 new files to my Resilio Sync folder but they don't seem to be syncing to the remote machines? I won't be able to go to the remote machine's location until this weekend. Any ideas on how to get this working again? When I hover over the Sending status, it says: 100% but that's impossible because the new files I dropped in was 5.5GB. Thank you!
  2. How do I view a peer's synced folder to make sure all files are truly synced? I think my sync is not working properly, here's why. I just copied a new file into the sync folder, 4GB in size I used TeraCopy to copy it After it copied and passed verification testing, I renamed the file Resilio started to sync the file and then said that it was finished in about 15-20 seconds This is impossible because my upload speed is only 500KB/s and the file is 4.04GB. It should've taken about 2.5 hrs? We really need a product like this in our organization, but it needs to "just work". The peers who will be using this in production have no computer knowledge and background. I need to be able to set it up once for them and have it just work. Any help is greatly appreciated!
  3. Thank you @Helen! I like your suggestion and implemented it. Where is the Archive folder located?
  4. Thank you! How do we purge these files?
  5. Hi, I'm running a media server and often have to update and replace files. My media server is synced to other media server machines. The other machines copy files from my machine but my machine does not copy files from the remote machines. Sometimes, I get sync issues where the updated file doesn't get synced at all. Here's what I'm doing: Copy a file into the sync folder: asdf-480p.mov Rename file to: video_2017-02-15.mov Let all the remote machines sync this file Copy a new file to the sync folder: asdf-720p.mov Delete file: video_2017-02-15.mov Rename this file: asdf-720p.mov to video_2017-02-15.mov Is there a proper way to do this in order to prevent sync issues? Thank you!
  6. Thank Moe, but I'm confused? Computer A is sharing in Read Only. Computer B has finished syncing all of the files from Computer A? The issue is that Computer B sometimes has a few corrupted files, which I need to find a way to properly delete in order to trigger a re-download?
  7. Hi, say I have Computer A and Computer B. Computer A is sharing (in read only mode) a hard drive to Computer B. Computer B finished syncing everything but one of the files it downloaded was corrupt. If I delete that file on Computer B, will Resilio Sync attempt to download it again? If not, then how do I make Resilio Sync do that? Thank you!
  8. Yes, thank you! Sorry, I just didn't explain it specifically enough. That makes more sense. I'm looking for something that can sync multiple internal & external HDD's on one computer to multiple internal & external HDD's on another computer over the internet. It sounds like Resilio will be able to do this? BTW, any plans to port Resilio to Android? More specifically, the Nvidia Shield Android TV device?
  9. Thank you. So, just to make sure... sync is limited to folders on the same drive letter? Resilio cannot sync multiple folders on multiple drives?
  10. Say I have a file and sync it with my work computer. If I update the file at home, will Resilio sync it?
  11. Can Resilio Sync sync folders on multiple external hard drives?