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  1. Hi, I'm using Resilio Sync Home 2.5.6(1043) and it's not uploading at the max speed? I do not have any bandwidth limitations set in Settings. I have a Google Fiber Gigabit connection to the internet. Speedtest.net test: 994mbps up/down load However, my upload seems to be capped at 1.6-1.7mBytes/s or 13.6mbps Google Fiber has no data caps and they don't throttle torrents. Any ideas?
  2. Okay, I just read that people are reporting frequent crashes with the Android app. Will you please release when you have it fixed?
  3. Is the Android version updated as well? Will the Android version have a new UI that is more TV friendly?
  4. Thank you. What is zendesk?
  5. My issue has fixed itself after the 2nd peer came back online. It seems odd that Resilio Sync would behave in such a strange way just because 1 peer is not connected? That's not how normal torrents work.
  6. I have recently discovered this same issue.
  7. Hi, Resilio Sync has be showing strange behavior for the past week. I've tried closing the app and opening it again, but that did not fix it. The upload speed drops to 0KB/s every few seconds. There are no other apps running in the background. This is a server dedicated for Resilio Sync functions. The peer in the group has a 1Gbps down/upload Google Fiber connection. What's going on and how do we fix this? Here's a video of what I'm talking about: https://d.pr/Vqxt1 Thank you.
  8. Okay, I think I resolved this issue. I contacted my coworker on the other end and had him check on things. It turns out that the NAS where the Resilio sync folder is residing was down. No error handling messages, no alerts, nothing. He got the NAS up and running again, then nothing happened on my end. So, I thought, maybe I'll close and reopen Resilio on my end and hope for the best. This worked as Resilio is now syncing again. It would be nice if we weren't left in the dark about what was going on. If a sync folder is no longer accessible, then Resilio should relay that message back to seeder (my machine). Wasted 6 days on this issue. I'm posting details here so that if anyone else gets no sync activity after adding new files and no details as to what's wrong, then you can try this.
  9. If the activity status is not showing Synced, then why is it not uploading and syncing? There's nothing going on in the status?
  10. I just barely added a 4.48GB file to the shared folder. It shows up when I click on Peers Online > Peer Name > open files list under Active Devices But, it is not uploading? The new file also showed up in the History section but still no uploading activity? What's going on? This is VERY FRUSTRATING.
  11. Yes, all peers are online. I changed the filename and nothing happened? I closed the app and restarted it and still nothing? When I click on Peers Online > Peer Name > open files list under Active Devices; it shows the changed filename.
  12. Just added a file to synced folder, why is it not uploading? History says it was added 10min ago but the app is not syncing to other peers? I already tried closing and then opening the app again? File is 1.37GB and my upload speed is about 200KB/s. So, there's no way it could've finished syncing in 10 min?
  13. Thanks Moe! Appreciate having someone knowledgeable about this product on the forums! Yeah, I just need to change the username that appears in the peer group into something more descriptive so I can track each machine. So, honestly, I don't remember if ResilioSync offered to prompt me for a username when I first installed it (or first ran it) on each peer machine. If it did prompt, then there is a UI failure during the setup process because the user should be alerted and told specifically that, "here is your chance to use a descriptive name for this machine, otherwise, we are going to choose a random alphanumeric name for it, capiche?!" The client machines are Android devices. Are you sure we won't have to download everything again, even on Android? The size of the synced folder is 176GB.
  14. Hi, I am the administrator for my peer group. I would like to know how to change the username or computer name of a user or peer? I don't remember being prompted for a username when I installed Resilio Sync on each machine. Now, all my peers have random usernames like A4736, etc. I have no idea which peer is which machine? I would like to change their names to something more descriptive so I can track each peer. Thank you!
  15. Anyone else having this issue, here's how you solve it: http://www.nirsoft.net/utils/bulk_file_changer.html Install this app and correct the file's modification time. If you can't figure out how to use the app from the instructions on the site, google some blogs with better instructions.