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  1. The time stamps are correct BEFORE I drag and drop them (from root folder of same drive) into the Sync folder (of the same drive). But, after I drop them into the Sync folder, the modification time stamp changes to a future time stamp, which is why it has an error warning. If I drag and drop the same file into a normal Windows 10 folder, there is not modification error. The error only occurs when dragging and dropping into a Sync folder.
  2. 1. Remote peers do not have this file. It's a new file that I move into a Sync folder. 2. How do I look at the Sync History? Thank you!
  3. Ditto, it comes and goes on all of my synced PC's. Very strange.
  4. The time is in the future. But it only changes after I move files into a Resilio synced folder? If I move files into a normal WIndows folder, the modification time doesn't change into the future. This happens about 90% of the time. What's going on?
  5. UPDATE: I had to remove the subfolder and then add it back for Sync Home to "see it" and begin syncing.
  6. Hi, I created a READ ONLY Sync folder. Right now, the only things inside are a subfolder and 3 files inside that subfolder. I copied the READ ONLY Key and remoted into my work computer to have it sync. I pasted the Key and set the sync directory. Sync Home shows a green checkmark but it hasn't synced anything and the directory is empty? Am I missing something? Is it not able to sync sub-folders? Thank you.
  7. Hi, I'm using Resilio Sync Home 2.5.6(1043) and it's not uploading at the max speed? I do not have any bandwidth limitations set in Settings. I have a Google Fiber Gigabit connection to the internet. Speedtest.net test: 994mbps up/down load However, my upload seems to be capped at 1.6-1.7mBytes/s or 13.6mbps Google Fiber has no data caps and they don't throttle torrents. Any ideas?
  8. Okay, I just read that people are reporting frequent crashes with the Android app. Will you please release when you have it fixed?
  9. Is the Android version updated as well? Will the Android version have a new UI that is more TV friendly?
  10. My issue has fixed itself after the 2nd peer came back online. It seems odd that Resilio Sync would behave in such a strange way just because 1 peer is not connected? That's not how normal torrents work.
  11. I have recently discovered this same issue.