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  1. Thank you! It works! I only need to do local sync/backup Cheers, J.
  2. Well it seems that i cant use latest resilio version with 1.4 bittorrent sync. There is one module app for my NAS. But the problem is that my NAS is based on PowerPC processor. For which i cant find install/binary package even on your site(x86/64 and ARM only available). Is there any other way i could do this? I would really want to sync my files to my NAS.
  3. Hi!, I have 2 PCs(Desktop & Laptop) and I have NAS2310 with ThecusOS. I have found nas app which is based on old BitTorrent Sync for ThecusOS. So the question i want to ask is. If i buy pro licence for Resilio Sync can i still use this app with new Resilio sync? http://www.thecus.com/sp_app_intro.php?APP_ID=753 Cheers, J.