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  1. Eventually I created a new ID, because of another problem...
  2. Sadly, there is no other way, than to hide: 😢
  3. 1. End Resilio Sync 2. Move the folder from drive C to drive F 3. Start Resilio Sync again 4. Resilio Sync will report the folder missing, just point it to the new folder on F:
  4. OK, I see, I haven't linked my mobile devices, so I don't knew that. As far as I remember, one cannot remove devices, just hide. After a while, they vanish, I seem to remember, but I'm not quite sure.
  5. At the Identity page, you can click on (I) Info at the orphaned device, then on the 3 Points and "Hide this device"
  6. Hi, I have exactly the same problem here. 4 Windows-10-Devices and 1 Synology-NAS. I want to link a new Win10-PC to the identity and it hangs at 1 MB of 1 MB. Tom