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  1. @mcleaver Are you using the latest version? Was the "Resilio to sync to other computers as Google Drive to keep a backup in the cloud" was this working before or first time setup? If it was working before then what was changed when the error started happening? For cloud backup between pcs I use dropbox. For testing you might want to see if this is any better or same error. I didn't have good experience with One Drive, it basically synced my old files over my new files. From these tests you can get a better idea who might be at fault. Good luck. For everyone else I am still us
  2. I found a temporary solution by installing 2.3.8 and syncing seems OK so far. Office 365 files are syncing properly now. There is also no more locking issues.
  3. Dear Helen / Resilio Support, We are having the exact same issue. Both v2.4.4 and v2.4.3 are not working. As long as a file was locked, Resilio failed to re-sync it ***AFTER*** the file became unlocked. Did your engineers find the root cause yet? Looking forward to a fix soon. It is a great and perfect product without this fault. Thank you!! Best, Alex