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  1. I did restart sync on my Windows machine to begin with. Thats when I noticed the issue. But I am afraid of restarting it on my Ubuntu machine lol. I JUST successfully converted over to using a headless Linux box for my Plex needs and I have synced over 20TB so far to my Zpool out of 36TB. Like I said thankfully all the data is still there and in my particular situation it isn't too terribly annoying, but the INDEXING UGGGGGHHH lol. When we are talking about what most people have which I feel is 4 to 8 TB of data it isnt too bad, but huge collections like this it takes an entire day for some folders to re-index again. So, since the bug happened I have re-indexed a couple of the smaller folders and I am moving onto the larger ones now. Anything I can do to help I will gladly do. So to clarify, both Ubuntu and Windows 10 ran Resilio for 3 solid days with no restarts, and successfully transferred 20TB of data. Then I restarted it on Windows and bam, create Identity..... Ubuntu GUI still shows all folders, just with 0/1 peer online. I erased my old Anime share and recreated it and am re-indexing as we speak. Haven't done anything else.
  2. I too woke up to this issue. I also have 36TB of data I was syncing to a new zpool. Neither machine restarted, neither machine did anything different except be ON all night long syncing. This morning I was presented with a Create Identity screen on my Windows machine. Ubuntu machine seems fine. The person above isn't crazy. You DO have a serious problem with your product. This is actually the second time this has happened and re-indexing all this stuff is not only time consuming but hard on my drives and my zpool. Please, do some research to find out why this happens cause people WILL start moving to something else if this continues. Spent DAYS with sync on pause just so it could index all this now I have to re-do it. I don't have to RESYNC most of it though, as the data still exists in the zpool. But the indexing is the most annoying thing in the world. Please PLEASE fix this.