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  1. To anyone starting out - please DO NOT disable Archiving. There are quirks that without intention (using across Android nVidia Shield TV have caused my source files (to the tune of 700GB) converted to 0KB files. Through accident I found the .sync folder (just before I was going to Google) and was able to restore all my files. God bless the soul of whoever thought it was a good idea to enable Archiving instead of deleting by default. I have still not been able to figure out why the source files were changed to 0KB files. This has already happened twice however there is nothing else that give me 20MB/s speeds and the consistency of Reslio so I am stuck with it for now. Personally, I have made the sync one-way only for now so that source files are not be modified. I strongly suggest, that you leave Archiving and perform a manual cleanup of the folder for a few weeks of continuous syncing so that you have enough test cases for any quirks that may set in.