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  1. @hibrid0, that's a good idea and it's the only thing that has saved my butt in the past without having to redo everything from scratch. To answer your question, it's wherever the Resilio Sync software runs from. I know that's a generic answer but it can change depending on how you're running Resilio Sync (i.e. Windows interactively vs Windows as a service vs on a Mac). On Windows interactively (you see the Resilio Sync icon in your system tray), the files are in %APPDATA%\Resilio Sync (hold Windows Key and press "R" type in "%APPDATA%\Resilio Sync" and it should come up) On Windows as a service (Resilio Sync is running even at the CTRL+ALT+DEL screen), it's in "C:\Users\[whatever_the_service_account_name_is]\AppData\Roaming\Resilio Sync". When in doubt, open up a command prompt with admin rights and just type "c:" then "cd\" then "dir sync.dat /s/a/p" and it should find the file and reveal its path. I don't know where it is on a Mac because I generally don't use Macs. However, the same principle applies. Instead of a command prompt, you should be able to open up a terminal window and type in "find / -name sync.dat" and it should locate the file.
  2. This happens to me at random with proper shutdown on multiple Windows computers and it has happened regardless of Resilio Sync running interactively or as service. It has happened on older versions as well but most recently on v2.4.4 as well as v2.5.2. I always end up having to restore settings.dat from backup. This is a bug and needs to be fixed. If you pull the power cord on your computer do all of your other programs disappear? If you pull the power cord on a SQL Server, do the databases disappear? Please fix this as it's making your software look really bad. Modern file systems are transactional and journaled--there is no reason to experience this type of behavior--it's not 1995 anymore.
  3. I just ran into this same problem after syncing ~2-2.5 TB of data and I had recently upgraded to 2.4.4. After restoring sync.dat, settings.dat, and history.dat in "%appdata%\Resilio Sync" from a week ago the identity came back. If any developers from Resilio are reading this, prior to restoring the 3 files, I saved the corrupt identity if it'll help get to the bottom of this. As much as this app is awesome, at the moment I have lost confidence in it since it can't be trusted to come back properly after relaunching it. Good thing I still have confidence in my backups ;).