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  1. Have the same issue as well, just after upgrading to High Sierra. I just wanted to add that if I open Resilio Sync window, its icon in statusbar juts out 1px below the statusbar itself - please see the picture:
  2. Same issue here - Resiilo Sync 2.5.7 (1061) on macOS 10.12.6. No files pending to sync, just idle, but after 2-3 days uptime, I feel my MacBook hot, and see 'beach ball' cursor over Sync icon in the status bar, and have to kill Sync process and restart the app again - after that everything is OK for 2-3 days.
  3. That's good news! Hope after it's been fixed the "before-the-update" notification (persistent, without buttons, below separator line) will remain (at least as an option).
  4. While everyone else is watching Eurovision now, I've just updated to the new Resilio Sync 2.5.0 on Android 6.0. Generally it is better, but there is one serious issue which I will describe here. Before the update, there was only one persistent notification (like the bottom one on the screenshot attached: "Sync: Working"), which was hidden on the lockscreen and had no additional buttons. That was fine. Now, there are two notifications: the previous one plus the one with buttons ("Sync: Idle - Exit & Sleep now"). Both are displayed at the same time and both are persistent, but the one with buttons is also displayed on the lockscreen. By the way, changing the setting "Use notifications" (#3 here, I mean) has no effect on displaying notifications - both are also displayed. I believe that two notifications are too many for one app
  5. I also have another idea, a similar one. In "Backup folders", there is already a toggle (on-off). Now this toggle is set manually, by the user. What I suggest is to add an option (in the app settings) something like "Automatically pause Backup folders without Wi-Fi connection". That is, when the phone is connected to wi-fi, the toggle behaves like now, it can be enabled or disabled manually (fig. 1). But when my proposed setting is activated, the toggle is greyed out and disabled (fig. 2) until wi-fi is enabled again. Please see attachment below (I drew the concept).
  6. I would like to ask for "Sync on wi-fi only" per-folder option, please. Combined with existing Selective Sync, much flexibility can be achieved. I wrote about it in this thread before I found the current one. Actually, the same feature has already been asked for. See:
  7. Another +1 for this. I hava a similar use case as the OP: no need to backup photos and videos on cellular, but all markdown text notes (folder accessible from 3rd-party app) should sync instantly and always (no matter cell or wi-fi). Dear developers, could you please add "Sync on wi-fi only" per-folder option to Resilio Sync mobile client? Combined with existing Selective Sync, much flexibility can be achieved: all folders are synced in any network (wi-fi or cellular) all folders are synced in any network, but some are synced fully, and some with placeholders (so no access to files for 3rd-party apps) some folders are synced fully in any network, some folders are synced with placeholders in any network, and some are paused while no wi-fi available Advanced per-folder settings on mobile devices could actually be a very needed feature, and I wonder why so few people have supported this request.