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  1. After more than 2 weeks... I was really expecting someone from Resilio would explain how the file deduplication is suppose to work because it does not work for me!
  2. This just happened to me also... What an absolute disaster. I shutdown Resilio last night, It was only shutdown about 16 hours. I just placed some files in one of my sync folders while Resilio for shutdown. Started Resilio and then Resilio immediately deleted the files instead of syncing them to the other peers. Luckily the files were in the archive folder, but really it should never have happened. Yes...Resilio,, where is the guidance or what special tips do you have for us... "Never shutdown Resilio"... really!!!
  3. Just to add to my above post. I did some further testing. I copied a video file (100MB) from one folder share to another folder share. It is the excact duplicate of the original file. Resilio re-uploaded instead of using any file deduplication. I copied the same video file and put it in another folder of the same folder share. Again an exact duplicate of the original file. Resilio re-uploaded the file and no deduplication could be seen to be used. I was expecting in both cases that using fule level deduplicaction syncing would take seconds, but it took the expected 15 minutes or so to upload. Under the features it definetly indicates that Sync Home Pro support file level deduplication across folder shares. Under what setup does file level deduplication work? Cheers
  4. I have Sync Home Pro licence and have installed Sync Home Pro on 3 different machines. Based on the Knowledgebase, Sync Home Pro is suppose to support file level deduplication between folder shares. When I move a file from one share to another share, the file gets re-uploaded. Is there some setting to get file dedeuplicaction to work or how when does it work? Cheers
  5. @Gane, Thanks for your reply. I honesty can not remember seeing that window with the option to migrate settings. I must have clicked through it accidentally. OK.. So it sounds like that I can uninstall the standard installation independently from the service. Thanks again for the support.
  6. Hello, Windows Server 2012 R2. Sync 2.5.12 I was running Resilio Sync using the standard installation. I then decided to run Sync as a service, so I ran the installer again and checked the "Install as service" and everything seems OK. When I started the web GUI for the service there were no folders, and I needed to add all the folder peers to the web GUI. All seemed to go well. However now, when I start my server I get 2 instances of Sync running, the Standard installation and the service and both are referencing the same folder structure on the Hard Drive). I looked at the storage folder and it has 2 folders (one is Resilio Sync) and the other is Resilio Sync Service), and both have database and config files. I want now only the Service to run, so how do I best remove the instance of the standard installation, without any danger of any files get deleted or removed or similar. - If I do a uninstall then the standard and service installation will be removed (I assume). - Do I just delete the Resilio Sync folder for the Storage folder. At the moment I have turned off Auto start with the Standard installation so only the service is running, to avoid any conflict. Please advise what to do to remove the standard installation. Cheers and many thanks
  7. Hello, I have a large excel file of about 35 MB. Saving this file can take time, and quite often Sync will start to sync before it has finished saving and then I get an error message from Excel that I could not save the file and that I need to delete the file and rename the Temp file which Excel has created. I read on the forum here (but now can not find it anymore) that it is possible to delay syncing or certain files. Q1: What do I have to to delay syncing of excel files? Q2: Can I only delay the syncing of this particular file? Q3: Can I delay the syncing of only large Files (in this case Excel)? Cheers and thanks
  8. Hello, I am running Resilio Sync 2.4.4 on Windows Server 2012 Datacentre edition, where I have some encrypted folders. For one of the folders I have decided to disconnect it and now I am left with all the encrypted files on the Server which I want to delete. I have exceyted the delete in windowsm however for some files, I am getting the error that the file name is too long and can not be delete, and that I should rename the file or move the file too a shorter path. Unfortunately, for reasons I do not know, I am not able to rename the file or move it to a shorter path. Since Resilio Sync created these files, how do I now delete these files from the server. Also for review by Resilio Sync, is why does Resilio sync create files/paths which are too long for Windows to manage! Thanks for any advice how to delete the files.
  9. Hello, I am running Resilio Sync Pro on Win 10 Pro x64 and am syncing some folders to 2 other machines. I have set up some folders to sync, Some Advance folders, standar folders and encrypted folders. Because I am the onlt one using these 3 mchines I want to set up RW permissions for each folder. Currently some folders have only Read permision and when I change it to RW, it appears that Resilio Sync does not save the configuration. There is no special "save: button anywhere so how do you actually save changes to the settings. Many Thanks
  10. Hello, I have a folder which is about 900GB and 200 000 files/folders. Everytime Resilio runs an indexing operation the CPU jumps up to aroung 33-35% and stays there until finished, which takes a while until it is finished. This is on my laptop, so it kills my battery. Is there nay way to reduce this cpu usage Thanks
  11. Hello, I have an Encrypyed folder on a 3rd party VPS. If I disconnect from this folder, move the folder to a new location and then reconect, will all my data be uploaded again or will Resilio recognoise that it is the same data and just re-index the data without and transfer? Thanks