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  1. Hi al404, Sorry but I didn't try resilio after all. The users didn't really need it. I would be curious to know if it works good though if you ever go with it. Good luck, Jim
  2. I guess I'd have to buy the NAS and test it to see if if suits us. Thanks a lot for the help RomanZ. I now know what to look for (lots of memory; a good processor). Take care.
  3. OK. Can you give me examples of CPUs which worked well for 1M files in the past?
  4. Hi Romanz, Thanks for the answer. We have 2TB. This include 140k folders and 650k files. Would the DS716+II be a model with enough juice? It has a Celeron N3160 processor (Passmark:1665; Quad Core 1.6Ghz with burst up to 2.24 GHz) with possibility (hacked) of 8GB of RAM. If not, would the DS1515+ do the job? It has a Celeron C2538 processor (Quad Core 2.4 GHz) with possibility (hacked) of 16GB of RAM. If not I think, price wise, we should maybe go the freenas way (or rockstor if Resilio is supported on it)?
  5. Hi, I need to sync 2TB of data between a Synology with DSM 6.1 at the main office and one PC at a branch office. We need the user at branch office to be able to access and modify the files. The modified files would then sync to Main office and the users there could access it and modify it also. I've thought about using Resilio in order to achieve this. The shared folder is 2TB. Would that be too big for Resilio ? Would it make the Synology's CPU work too hard too often? Does it take long before modifications goes back and forth? They don't have the Synology yet, but I like Synology and I'm scanning the possibilities.