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  1. Hey Everyone, I am experiencing this issue as well. I run4 Netgear ReadyNAS NAS Drives (2x 316 and a 2x 516) which readily sync about 15TB of data between them. Since upgrading from BitTorrent Sync to Resilio Sync on the NAS Drives, I have had to Resync the entire archive from one NAS drive to the other 3. At this stage, I have had every drive at least one pop up with the "Create Identity" Error. I'm actually rolling back to the previous version of the software. Bittorrent Sync is just not stable enough at the moment to run these sort of Syncs. I can't have the NAS Drives dying whenever they get a little tired. Any ideas on what the cause of this is? I read elsewhere it could be due to Existing BitTorrent sync files that existed in the folder before hand. However on 3 of the NAS Drives, they are freshly restored and formatted so I have no idea where they would be getting dodgy Sync files from. Any help or thoughts would be greatly appreciated. Dave