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  1. I followed the guide here on how to migrate an older btsync setup to resilio. I download the Binary and extract it, I Place it in my Home------>----->Bin directory. Next to the btsync Binary. I first run Killall btsync to stop the process. This works fine. I then run systemctl start rslsync. Sometimes this works, other times it does not. If it does work. I run Systemctl enable rslsync. I then check the status with systemctl status rslsync. The status comes back with an error of 1 and then exits. If I try to install from AUR with Yaourt the package installs fine but the process has the same error as when I try to launch it manually. If there is something I am missing, please let me know. If I rename the new binary to btsync. It will run correctly but then it thinks it is a new user and wants a new user name and can not find the old file paths. I will post a screen shot of the error at a later point today.