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  1. Thanks for getting back to me! The app version on the Android is 2.6.1 (I do updates automatically, so I expect this to be the latest). I'm unsure what you want to know, but I can both say that this was just a new folder I created on my Windows 10 OS inside one of my hard drives and I can attach a screen capture of the permissions window (see attached). It is indeed a folder I used by clicking the "Create folder" but it had "Read & Write" selected and that's the share I used with the desktop PC when I added it to the app there. Let me remind you that the problem I'm
  2. I previously had something similar to this issue .. but now it's a bit different. I created a folder and chose my SD card and when prompted, provided resilio sync with the permissions to the SD card. Sync was completed and then I deleted all the files in the PC sync folder and expected the files to be deleted from the SD on the phone, they didn't get deleted. I looked at the sync history, and saw both the initial sync followed by the "Removed file XXX" and at the end "Finished syncing with XXX". So I'm baffled as to why the files are still in the Camera folder on the SD car
  3. yes, it's off. did you contact their support? what did you they have to say about this?
  4. I have the same issue and using Oneplus 6. Did you ever contact support and get this resolved?
  5. yea .. got it sorted after a phone restart. odd. this was the default gallery app on the android phone.
  6. After you've posted these questions, I went back and noticed something else... The files were actually removed from the SD card, but the problem was that the built-in Gallery app on my Android phone keeps some sort of cache which shows the pictures, but they aren't really there. Perhaps it's just showing my some thumbnails of the photos that were there but I can't open the photos. I'm just stuck with a Gallery that has lots of thumbnails but I don't really know why they are there if they were deleted from the SD card by Sync (which was expected)
  7. Hello, I clicked the + button and used "Create folder" to add my DCIM directory on my SD card to which my phone's camera saves all of my pictures. Initial sync made sure that all my photos are on my Desktop. Now that I've got them there, I moved (ie. deleted) them to another directory on my PC so they no longer exist (hence deleted) in the Resilio Sync directory. With Read/Write permissions, I would expect Sync to now delete this pictures from my Android device, but this didn't happen. What might I be doing wrong or did I not understand how Sync should work?
  8. Maybe this is a feature that should be built into the app itself .. so we can backup our settings (even to a cloud account like Google)? I've setup 12 different sync folders with my desktop and it would be a shame for me to need to do this all over again after I reset my phone.
  9. If my phone isn't rooted, I can't backup Resilio Sync settings?
  10. Since I've told you which files I've found, can you tell me which files should actually be there that are missing? Maybe I can use ES Explorer to do a full system search and find the files somewhere else ... which file(s) actually holds the settings of Resilio Sync and my setup?
  11. /data from root (using ES Explorer and have "Show hidden files" enabled) is empty. The only directory that has the files I mentioned above, is the one in /sdcard/Android/data/com.resilio.sync ; and they are all dated from today (I'm guessing since I've opened the application moments ago)
  12. Actually, I just looked at the folder and it doesn't seem to have much data at all... inside com.resilio.sync there are two directories: - files files is empty - .sync .sync has three files and one sub-directory called Archive ID is just 1kb and is binary, but I really don't think it has all the settings of my setup IgnoreList is just 1kb and contains just a list of files to ignore, like .iCloud, to Thumbs.db to .dropbox etc. StreamsList is just 1kb and contains just three lines of some com.a
  13. Hello, I'm about to reset my Android phone and before I do that, I would like to be able to backup my Resilio Sync current configuration of synced folders and settings. How can I do this? Thanks in advance, Shai