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  1. Resilio runs the Tracker and Relay Servers. If you licences Resilio Connect, you can run your own servers. However, Resilio Sync works without them, too. You don't have to use them, you can disable the use of them. Without tracker servers, you won't be able to find other devices with a dynamic IP however. You can only 'see' the IP of connected devices. You won't be able to see my files or my devices without my key.
  2. The question is not clear for me. Resilio Sync works with normal internet connections, meaning dynamic public IP and NAT for the local LAN. Sync connects to the so called tracker server, to find the peers.
  3. FreeNAS should use ZFS, which should be able to easily handle your files. But maybe you have some folders on a different partition, which uses some other older file system. What file systems are you using on all your devices with all your shares?
  4. You have a very small and old NAS with only 256MB RAM. So practically no free RAM left for additional applications. Yet, Resilio Sync is an application which requires lots of RAM: In my opinion, with less than 1GB free RAM, you won't be happy.
  5. 1) Maybe they have different time stamps. Normally it should work and sync shouldn't transfer all files again. Are you sure it really transfers the files? 2) You might try to use selective sync (you need the Pro version therefore: Or you sync the subfolders instead of the root folder and connect only the recent active folder which only contains some parts.
  6. You could buy just a single pro license and use it on all your machines. It will work as you explained. The drawback: This license is supposed to be used by one individual. All the machines have access to all the files. So if some of those machines belong to other family members, you should buy the family license, purely based on the license. This also allows you to set up a user for your kids, so they can't access your private data. Resilio sync can work, in the local network, independently. However, Sync also uses tracker and relay servers, operated by Resilio, which are useful to sync mobile devices outside the LAN. If you alter a file, it will overwrite this file on all clients. However, first it will move the old file, on each client, to an archive folder and keep the file available for a few weeks.
  7. Disconnect the folder, delete the folder and connect the folder again. Just pausing will break everything.
  8. You cloud also ask in the forum for further help, because it works.
  9. Or don't use SMB but iSCSI instead and let the Clients connect to the Windows Server via SMB instead of to the NAS.
  10. You might want to update to the latest version first, according to the link, you're still using version 2.5
  11. Resilio Sync is re-indexing all files preiodically, in the case of some missed files. If your machine is slow and you have many files, thus it didn't finish after 10 Minutes, then it's busy all the time You can change it to maybe 1 hour or more, depending on your personal needs.
  12. It depends on the file count and folder structure: So if you have many files, then better use a proper NAS/Server.
  13. You can select it, at the moment you add the folder to Sync. This means for you, you have to disconnect the standard folder from all devices, and add the folder as Encrypted Folder again: