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  1. I install BTsync V2.50 as a service in my windows 2008 server, I can access it on local server via local IP such as http://127.0.01:8888/gui/ but when I access it on another PC via public IP, such as , it seems that I can't connect to BTsync? Why?
  2. Thanks! I set folder_rescan_interva via UI of web, would you please see attachment image? Do you men there is a individual config file for linux, I have to edit the individual config file manually ?
  3. I install Resilio Sync on my linux VPS, I set the value of folder_rescan_interval 10 via access the web http://myip:8888/gui/ then I login to my remote VPS and launch service resilio-sync stop and service resilio-sync start After I access my Resilio Sync via the web http://myip:8888/gui/, I find that the value of folder_rescan_interval restore to default, why?
  4. Thanks! In my iphone mobile, I have set the predefined host of a remote BT client located linux, but the BT sync client in iphone is difficult to connect to the remote BT sync, why?
  5. How to set to connect to a peer in resilio sync by the predefined host first? I know I can add a predefined host for a folder by the artical When I run a resilio sync client, I hope that the resilio sync client can first search and connect other client by the predefined host. How can I do? Thanks!
  6. I have installed BT Sync on my linux server, I can access my BT sync via http://myip:8888 and I have set the Listening port of my BT sync is 26131 A: I hope to set "Add new host" in my iphone mobile BT sync, which port should I set for the predefind host, 8888 or 26131 ? And more, from the artical B: it seems that the predefined host are avaiable only when relay, tracker and search LAN options are set to OFF, right? Does it mean that the predefined host will not work if I set search LAN options to ON? C: And more, the predefined host is only available for BT sync software in PC client, right ? and the predefined host don't work for BT sync App in iPhone ?
  7. I know I can see how many files synced in mobile app about Resilio Sync by clicking the i icon near by a folder name. You can see it at and the following image. But in desktop software of Resilio Sync such as Windows 7, I can't find a the i icon to display how many files in a folder are synced, how can I do ? Thans!