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  1. Thanks I read that, I just thought the point with release candidates is that you fix all known bugs before releasing another release candidate because if there are still known bugs upon release of the candidate it is not a release candidate.
  2. The issue with the menubar icon on macOS I mentioned for the last RC is still present See
  3. on macOS with this release when clicking the menubar icon the color of the icon gets inverted, no other menubar icon does this. Also it does add a colored background which also no other icon does. See this video
  4. This annoys me too, for example when selectively syncing code projects with deep folder structures it isn't practical to remove only the files and leave the folders. Why can't sync just rebuild the nested folder structure like when doing a fresh selective sync?
  5. 12 is a bigger number than 2, so you're up to date ..
  6. did you mount your external hdd correctly, are you able to create files on it via terminal? Also did you set user permissions to rslsync like this? sudo chown -R rslsync:rslsync /media/pi